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Chatbots are the New Content Coordinators

by Samantha Kalany

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So many people access the internet on a daily, even hourly basis. It’s almost exponential at this point. This is number is also growing, with so many trips to platforms and websites of every color. ContentFor enterprises and companies looking to dive into the world of chatbots, this is the move here, especially when it comes to how easily chatbots can be integrated. Assistive chatbots are like the new Content Coordinators when it comes to taking a course of action efficiently. From answering questions to redirecting site paths, chatbots are known for relieving inconsistencies and quite possibly reformatting overall content strategies as well. 

A chatbot’s resume likely reads as so:

  • Greets Potential Customers, Answers FAQs if Necessary
  • Engages Viewers/Readers in Activities, Increasing their Stay in the Long Run
  • Accumulates Important Data from Prospective Clients
  • Posts Channel-Inspired Content and Blog Stories 
  • Helps in Trouble-Shooting Issues 
  • Encourages Promotional Placement 
  • And so on…


When it comes to a business’s marketing strategies, chatbots are quite simply an asset, nonetheless. After a chatbot-enabled form is completed, that algorithm can therefore recommend accelerated reading articles, blog posts, and case studies to promote services and/or an active campaign. This collected information will allow you to better understand those interested in your company. 

Content Creation is a Go

Once you figure out what’s more important for your target audience, you’re ready to start delivering some data. Allowing chatbots to return content as a follow-up for client management, based on keyword queries can help keep the person on the other end engaged. Some businesses will utilize social media platforms to deliver such information on a daily or weekly basis. Content

Self-centered content is no-go, so don’t overly promote yourself. Moreover, try to enable your blog to act as a generalized pool of content that appeases all industries found within your channel. As convenient as it might appear, specifically curated content may not come off as a blessing, rather a money trap that they are being lured into. 

Content will be best suited, if it’s created and promoted in a more generalized tone. Creating content that’s carefully selected will ultimately fuel a sense of brand loyalty and your credentials as an industry professional on top of the game. Posting a ‘you-centered’ article is necessary at times, to keep your internal message on brand. 

Back to the ‘Bot Basics  

When it comes to formulating your chatbot needs, it’s vital to establish a personality for the bot. This will help accommodate your overall customer service capabilities and the brand messaging. Thinking of implementing a chatbot is difficult and looking for some assistance? Read through these articles for some more insight: 

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