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A Response to the SXSW 2023 Pitch Competition Winners

by Samantha Kalany

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At the beginning of March, SXSW kicked off to highlight and commemorate the trajectory of professional development within several commercial industries and what it means for the future. SXSW, or South by Southwest, is a weeks-long conference that aims to shed light upon a series of topics, celebrating the art and content trickling throughout. Such topics and themes include Music, Film, Interactive Installations, and Technology, where our interest lies.

PitchBreaking out into these smaller niche sessions, the point of the technology path during SXSW is crucial when it comes to discovery and education. During this year’s showcase, topics including Automation, AI, Data Privacy, social media, Chatbots, and various other emerging technology panels were hosted and thoroughly discussed throughout the course of the week. Partners within BlueStar’s Channel are no strangers to several of these technology solutions, for many have even integrated these offerings into their business plans, empowering innovation along the way.

The SXSW Pitch is just that, a pitch conducted in front of a live audience to project product demonstrations and insight into the technological advancements that could change the future of technology as we know it. Sound familiar??? Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge.

Yes, the SXSW PITCH is a more upscaled version of TEConnect LIVE, but moreover, these two events are tremendous opportunities for business development and educational presentations. The 2023 event featured 40 interactive technology companies from eight different categories: Artificial Intelligence, Voice, & Robotics; Enterprise & Smart Data; Entertainment; Media & Content; Food, Nutrition, & Health; Future of Work; Innovative World Technologies; Metaverse & Web3; and Smart Cities, Transportation, and Sustainability.

Out of the 40 entrants, the selected winners were as follows:

Reality Defender

The most trusted brand in Deep Fake detection. Reality Defender stops deep fakes before they become a problem. With comprehensive and proactive scanning, actionable results, and detailed reporting, our proprietary deep fake and generative content fingerprinting technology helps enterprises and organizations stay ahead of the curve by detecting video, audio, and image deep fakes.


Climatiq develops an open dataset of global emission data and the technical infrastructure you need to realize meaningful reductions to your climate footprint. They collect and maintain open climate impact datasets constantly expanding and improving in collaboration with the science, technology, and sustainability communities, making the insight needed for accurate calculations and decision-making readily available.


PentoPix is a synthetic media company with a no-code approach to the creative industry. PentoPix uses a natural language parser, splitting the sentences into verbs and nouns, and visualizes them in a 3D for using AI and Unreal Engine. They create spatially and orthographically correct pre-visualizations, unlocking a collaborative

approach to story development and pre-production, a new dimension of creativity, and empowering new forms of entertainment and commerce.

General Prognostics GPx

General Prognostics (GPx) is revolutionizing remote chronic disease management with the world’s first bloodless blood tests. GPx is dedicated to transforming the standard of care for cardiorenal diseases and enabling patients to understand their condition better, much like the continuous glucose monitor has transformed diabetes care. PitchGPx’s predictive algorithms are trained on our proprietary real-world digital and blood biomarker database – Bloodless Blood Tests.

  • Rigorous data collection is at the heart of GPx technology, and their valuable datasets are created by chronologically pairing blood and digital biomarkers.
  • Patients put the watch on, log into the app, and go home, while most biomarkers are passively collected. No complex setup or pairing saves the clinician time.
  • No clinic visits / No Shipping Hassles. Their app guides patients through sample collection and automatically schedules doorstep pickup.

GPx’s data science team brings a unique combination of backgrounds in medical device algorithm development, machine learning, and in-vitro diagnostics. This enables algorithm development guided by individuals with deep knowledge of chronic diseases.

Reach Pathways  

REACH is the college and career pathway for high-performing, under-resourced students (HiPURS) at the nexus of companies and communities. Less like homework and more like a video game, REACH rewards students for interacting with mentors, accessing bite-size career content, and completing real-life tasks in a vibrant virtual community.


SXD is a tech-powered design partner that turns design sketches into zero fabric waste patterns. Their technology uses sketch + fabric inputs to output a zero-fabric waste pattern that auto-adjusts across sizes, fabrics, and styles.

  • What is the problem with fabric waste?
    • Ninety-two million tons of fabric is wasted each year. This isn’t good for the planet and for businesses. Fabric materials contribute to most of our clothes’ carbon emissions and water waste while being the number one or two biggest costs for making clothing.

Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol is the asset-driven protocol to make digital media traceable and verifiable through its innovative process. By making digital media traceable and verifiable, they can address critical issues in the digital media space, namely misinformation, copyright, and royalty distribution. Their products and solutions involve the following:

  • Asset Wallet: Easily view and own your capture assets
  • Blockchain Camera: Take photos with space-time tracking; your photos tell stories
  • One-of-a-kind Status: Every photo taken by Capture is unique
  • Network Ecosystem: Access network applications to store, exchange, or publish assets
  • NFT: One click to turn Capture Assets into NFTs

Urban Machine  

PitchUsing robotics and AI, their machine uses precision end-effectors, high-speed gantries, and vision systems for removing nails, screws, and staples. AI helps them plan and execute the on-site wood reclaiming process by calculating the quantity and quality of timber recovered at every site, driving down time and cost. Urban Machine helps thought leaders in the following markets and roles:

  • Demolition Contractors – Helps to increase profitability while reducing the environmental impact
  • Developers – Enables low carbon footprint buildings with high-quality reclaimed lumber
  • Architects + Designers – Providing sustainable, premium materials to architects and designers
  • C+D Facilities – Affording Carbon Credits and natural, sustainable solutions for wood waste

Technology will continue to evolve within and outside of our Channel of business. While several of these companies might seem too far out of our resellers’ grasp of offering their solutions sales, these listed announcements should be an inspiring checkpoint for our partners and beyond. We’re happy to celebrate fellow technology companies for their achievements and are eager to learn how some of these breakout technologies will continue to impact our world.