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A Guide to Maximizing Professional Development on LinkedIn

by Samantha Kalany

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes


Whether you’re running your own business or working as part of a capable marketing team, digital marketing is the present and future of how we work and deliver valuable services. Whether you picked up your know-how from college or a higher education path or received comprehensive training from workplace onboarding, taking an inventory of which certifications and software platforms you’re versed in is critical to success. As our workplaces continue to evolve, new tools and tricks have been added to the vast World Wide Web to help simplify workloads and the like.

LinkedIn has curated hundreds of in-depth courses and certifications you can purchase and attend to acquire newly developing knowledge as it changes, to grow your skillset best to remain a desirable resource by your current employer. The benefit here is that you’re paying for credentials that you can display on your personal LinkedIn page to showcase to your peers, colleagues, and any future employment opportunities that the future could bring. A cost well worth it, in our opinion.

Outside of this purchasable curriculum, there are also a handful of free classes and studies you can enroll in at any time that will help you accelerate your digital marketing knowledge. Links to said courses can be found on this blog post from LinkedIn, themselves.

Excel Essential Training with Dennis Taylor – Register Here

  • This course leads you through learning basic Excel skills such as organizing data, performing calculations with simple functions, and introducing intermediate skills like building charts, PivotTables, and more.
  • A Digital Gal’s Takeaway: Whether it’s for tracking sales, reporting, forecasting, or even scheduling content or shifts, there’s a chance you’ve used Excel spreadsheets. Outside of your 101-based training on the platform, there are several quick tips and tricks you can pick up to make your averages and reporting tasks 100% easier on your workload.

Learning Python with Joe Marini – Register Here

  • Developer Joe Marini unpacks basic Python syntax and shares an example of constructing and running a simple Python program. You’ll absorb intel on working with dates/times, reading and writing files, and retrieving and parsing HTML, JSON, and XML data from the web.
  • A Digital Gal’s Takeaway: As far as programming goes, and I’m no programmer, it’s understood that basic coding skills are a precious asset, and Python can help get you to that level of understanding.

Learning the OWASP Top 10 with Caroline Wong – Register Here

  • The more data we handle, the greater our risk of security breaches. This course is Informative not only for data security experts but also for decision-makers whose choices impact the resources of an organization’s data security department.
  • A Digital Gal’s Takeaway: OWASP, or Open Web Application Security Project, is an international non-profit organization dedicated to web application security. One of its core principles is providing readily accessible resources to improve security measures. Protecting one’s database and content is an ever-changing world because it’s not just data breaches and malicious emails one should be worried about. There are Cross-Site Scripting, Insecure Deserialization, Insufficient Logging, and many more lurking threats that would keep you aware of.

Power BI Essential Training with Gini von Courter – Register Here

  • Gini von Courter helps you get started with this powerful toolset by covering the web-based Power BI service, explaining how to import data, create visualizations, and arrange those visualizations into reports. “Through this tool [Google Analytics], you are provided with accurate data that can be used to scale your business.” What else matters more than that sentence?
  • A Digital Gal’s Takeaway: Someone at your workplace will likely utilize Microsoft’s Power BI to access and analyze data from several angles. By pure definition, you’ll be able to combine business analytics, data visualization, and other intuitive practices to help cultivate the best data-driven decisions for your company’s future business. Integrating well with Microsoft Excel, it’s been told that at its most foundational spectrum, it’s very user-friendly.

Google Analytics 4 Essential Training with Corey Koberg – Register Here

  • Get an inside look into how Google Analytics can measure traffic, conversions, ad. Performance and ROI to identifying how people use your website.
  • A Digital Gal’s Takeaway: Whether you’re making data-related decisions, there’s some value in learning to navigate the vast world of Google Analytics. Explicitly speaking, one who knows to master the web of Google Analytics for their business can track online traffic, better understand user behavior, improve online ad performance, and receive more accurately built reports to align with your desired KPIs.

SEO Foundations with David Booth – Register Here

  • Learn how to master and leverage search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals to ensure your business pops up in every critical search result. Acquire specific tips for e-commerce, local search, and differing mobile audiences to expand your reach where it matters.
  • A Digital Gal’s Takeaway: SEO is everything, and as a content manager, I’d be the first person (but not the last) to tell you that. *Louder for the people in the back. If you rely very heavily on B2C sales in your world, this makes all the difference when it comes to scoring at the top of your competitive field, but even from a B2B perspective, there are reasons SEO is not to be slept on. I’d say go for this one, and while you’re at it, in your adult life/educational journey, look into taking more in-depth SEO tactic lessons because you can only go up from here!

Social Media Marketing: Strategy and Optimization with Martin Waxman – Register Here

  • Pick a three-step pathway for optimizing your business’s social media marketing jam. Turn strategy meetings and brainstorming sessions into valuable content and paid and organic posts to engage with your most accurate customer outlet.
  • A Digital Gal’s Takeaway: Whether you’ve been tasked with curating the content from an organic or a paid perspective, social media is here, and it’s relevant to adapt as changes come in. LinkedIn has been around for quite some time, but who knows when a new platform will hit the charts in popularity that you might need to learn to create content for??? Who’s to tell? It’s best to be prepared all the while, just in case.

Introduction to Graphic Design with Tony Harmer – Register Here

  • Tony Harmer will walk you through the importance of navigating creative processes that touch upon high-level concepts such as layout, typography, and color. Going further, one could develop an understanding of Adobe applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and more.
  • A Digital Gal’s Takeaway: This is a go-to, in my opinion. More than likely, if you’re working for a larger company, there will be a few graphic designers on your team; however, absorbing this skill is a valuable opportunity. Let’s say you don’t have to wait on your designers to deliver assets or images any longer because you can go in and make a simple edit or alteration to what you need. All Adobe applications are formatted quite similarly, so a simple YouTube search or additional LinkedIn courses can answer any questions.

Growing up at the dawn of Social Media’s peak, I’ll never forget my parents fearfully warning me about social media sites, and future employers are always watching what I do. They are ALWAYS watching, and you could lose out on a job based on things you decide to share with the world wide web… This is true, but in the case of 2023 on LinkedIn, that’s hardly the case.

You’ll want to brag, per se, about your many digital marketing badges and certifications. Sure, you won’t be spreading misinformation like your wacky aunt, but you’ll catch the eye of a one-day employer for the right reasons. And, who knows… perhaps you’ll notice the attention of your colleagues and become a trendsetter of sorts.

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