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5G Networks: What Industries will Thrive?

by Samantha Kalany

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5G is all of the craze these days. When will it start? Who will it most affect? Will the changes be drastic? The questions could go on forever. Realistically, 5G is already here, but it all comes down to your location and the carrier that you are a part of, then maybe your stars will align. When those stars align, it will really be telling to see which industries are impacted and how. 

Going Back to School 

The faster speeds and lower latency that 5G is projected to deliver will make AR and VR a very transformative experience for students in the classroom. 5GA lot of us grew up in schooling, where projectors with their flimsy slides were the only way to effectively take notes, if you sat close to the screen. Moving over to a few years later, teachers shuffled Microsoft PowerPoint into their skill-sets and even cycled in the usage of SMART Boards and other touch screen technology. 

Kids of the future generations will likely have it much different with their 5G powered AR headsets. Their experiences will be transformed as they are whisked across the skies overlooking The Grand Canyon, without ever having traveled there. What an immersive experience for sure. 

Educational environments are promoting the usage of highlighting virtual reality experience spaces, bringing physics classes to life in real-time, and utilizing mixed reality games to assist children with Autism perfect their social skills. 5G could and will unlock so much learning potential for students. 

5G in the Operating Room 

Holographic surgeries are no longer a thing of those futuristic sci-fi movies. They are rounding the corner sooner than you’d think. Next-generation speeds combined with Augmented Reality could make it easier for doctors and surgeons to learn and perfect new procedures. Surgical AR will likely guide surgeons through procedures due to a holographic overlay on top of the patient. 

5g will reduce the possibility of error and work to improve post-surgical recovery outcomes. It could also take surgeons out of the OR entirely, letting them conduct surgeries remotely using robots. Remote rehabilitation centers are utilized for patients to wear VR-headsets to conduct various exercises to improve patients’ motor-skills, which is essential for those who aren’t as mobile as others. 

Self-Driving 5G

Believe it or not, 5G would ultimately make self-driving cars safer and will alleviate the concerns that many of us have about a computer driving us around. 5GConnected cars give drivers the ability to connect to the Internet, streaming podcasts, and movies to their passengers. Cars are also able to communicate cars, based on their real-time location updates. Just look at all of the large fleets dominating the roadways to make deliveries, around the clock. These network advances are allowing for deliveries to be more accurate in the long run. 

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