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This Could be You at VARTECH 2020…

by Samantha Kalany

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One-on-one time with potential partners, a giant stage for presenting business plans and key differentiators, and riveting thought leadership-oriented panels transformed VARTECH 2019 into an ISV’s ideal pedestal to stand upon. The culmination helped to forge BlueStar’s programs as the #1 incubator for channel acceleration! VARTECH always presents itself as a platform for VARs, ISVs, and Vendors alike to formulate relationships and harbor new and continued partnerships for years to come. This year’s trade show was no different and brought on so many new opportunities for ISVs, in particular, to network and take their seat in the spotlight. Next year, you need to be one of them! 

A Reception just for ISVs

The night before the conference started, we were able to host an exclusive ISV Reception to welcome ISVs to all of the aspects of VARTECH and how to frame up this unique business opportunity. The event helped set the stage to foster the development of an ecosystem, solutions, and partnerships in the days to come. 

ISV Quick Connect 

To capitalize on the ability to put ISVs in front of the right people, we coordinated a “Speed Dating” session, of sorts. Business cards were swapped, service offerings were explained, and beverages were even clinked during this get together, but the bottom line is for those looking to accelerate a program in the channel the Quick Connect offered unprecedented access to hundreds of feedback data points within a short amount of time.

Each ISV, and there were 45 of them, was granted several five-minute meetings with interested resellers and other partners, for ultimately the most effortless gathering. We get it, five minutes isn’t a very long time, but those interested parties would have formulated the perfect initial connection and quickly determined the viability of proceeding as partners. 

ISV Connect Live! 

3, 2, 1 and we’re live, well at least all 45 of our ISVs were live, with the opportunity to hop up on the main stage in front of all attendees (and there were nearly 1,500 channel partners) and pitch everyone on what they were looking for in business growth. Attendees got the full story, learning the who/what/when/where/why and how these software vendors were such valuable contenders within the channel. For those ISVs looking to develop or accelerate their channel programs, ISV Connect Live was the perfect spearhead towards garnering feedback and meaningful partnership opportunities. 


The Most Innovative ISV Award Goes To…

Directly following the ISV Connect Live! presentation, attendees were given the chance to vote on who they saw as “The Most Innovative ISV. Why? Because the Channel is always looking for the next opportunity – a quest to find the next gold nugget! So, a vote conducted amongst peers reveals a developer who is doing the right things to attract new business.

The people voted and at the end of the day, Volanté, the POS-system company was declared the winner. By receiving this groundbreaking award, Volanté won $10,000 in End-User Demand Generation through our AppwareSolutions Program! That’s real money to go out and promote a solution with end-users yielding direct sales. But don’t fret, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed throughout the year, next year, you too could be like Volanté.

Get it in your plans for 2020, VARTECH will provide THE most comprehensive agenda for ISVs looking to develop or grow a Channel Program. Now is your time to plan to be a part of the Channel’s #1 Incubator for Channel Acceleration! Need more information? Contact Dean Reverman now! Hope to see you next year! 




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