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Zebra’s PartnerConnect Can Help Build Your Business

by Felicia Jordan

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Are you looking to grow your market presence, increase sales, and build your business so it’s well-positioned for the future? Zebra Technologies channel partners are recognized around the world as market leaders in delivering cutting edge mobile, communications and printing solutions and services.

Even as a market leader, however, it can be hard for you to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why Zebra created its global channel partner program, PartnerConnect, which gives resellers and ISVs the opportunity to focus on their areas of expertise, take advantage of special discounts, and have early access to new products and exclusive opportunities that strengthen inventory and increase profits.

Exclusive PartnerConnect member benefits include:

  • Differentiated program level discounts: Discounts are determined by track and tier, product lines sold, and specializations offered.
  • Deal Registration: Every partner level can register for additional discounts for deals encompassing multiple product lines.
  • Access to resources within the Zebra Partner Gateway: Partners receive exclusive product information and marketing materials.
  • Performance rebates for Premier level partners: The most invested Zebra partners receive the highest level of discounts, rebates and other benefits.
  • Solution Incentive Discount: Members are eligible for additional discounts on registered opportunities.
  • Expanded product access: Partners have access to a broader range of Zebra’s portfolio, giving them an edge over the competition.
  • Earn specializations and associated benefits: Specialist companies can earn the highest recommended program discounts on related products, rebates and exclusive hardware/software.


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