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Industry 4.0 Sips on the Craft Beer Industry

by Samantha Kalany
Craft Beer

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Craft BeerAs you all know, Industry 4.0 is among us and impacting industries everywhere. From the very beginning, this trend looks at both automation and the data exchange in manufacturing technologies, IoT, Cloud Computing, and Cognitive computing. Connected machines hold large volumes of data, and can send it to other connected devices to share information in a constructive and secure manner. This revolution brought out new instruments and techniques for engineers, and exclusively in this case, Brewers.

Industry 4.0 – Fueling Craft Beer

Through Industry 4.0, brewers are able to monitor every aspect of the manufactured process. Data collection is big in this instance. Craft Beer On its own, that data is fairly complex and can be difficult to work with. With the help of IoT sensors, collected amounts of data, advanced automation, and artificial intelligence, the craft beer industry can impact largely from these changes.

IoT Solutions Specifically

AI & IoT technology solutions are critical in efficiently creating a quality product, beer. AI & IoT can monitor the fill time, can/bottle temperature pH levels, gravity, pressure, carbonation, etc., Several other factors are sent off to the IoT cloud for analysis. This data can inform new processes or refine existing ones to ensure beer meets the highest expectations of the brewery’s customers.

With over 9,000 breweries in the nation and a projected 1,000 rising from the ground this year, it’s a no-brainer that IoT could succeed in this industry. The use of sensors throughout the premises would seem appropriate in larger facilities. Smaller microbreweries would specifically struggle with the adoption of this advancement, due to height of cost. Smaller locations might not possess the space large enough to see any success either. 

All in the Process

The more sensors, the more data is collected over time. When connected devices are combined with cloud-based storage, that amount of data can be clearly communicated and analyzed through the cloud’s channel. From cloud analytics, real-time monitoring, and digital product recreation, IoT helps brewers immensely in mitigating brewing emergencies and reducing downtime.

When beer goes from tank to tank on the line, imbalances in pressure and temperature could form excessive foam and as result, spoil the whole batch. If those battles are being inconsistently filled, the beer will be wasted. New IoT technologies can add to the legacy of those who disrupted the brewing industry with their IPAs, Pale Ales, Stouts, and other hop-infused selections.

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