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Retailers and the IoT Revolution

by Samantha Kalany

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RetailersFrom the produce section to the frozen treat aisle, IoT s all around you, even if you can’t seem to see it. IoT works in accordance with tiny little sensors that work to collect and detect insights to later benefit shoppers’ behaviors going forward. These sensors are always busy at work. It’s found that IoT works to monitor food safety, track the whereabouts of carts and baskets, and provide valuable insights for retailers, suppliers, and distributors, to also improve customer relations. 

Employers are able to collect important customer feedback tidbits, almost immediately after the shopping experience concludes. This real-time validation provides a sense of peace for retailers everywhere. 

Food Safety Patrol & Control 

Items like whole milk, cottage cheese, and raw chicken have time sensitive expiration dates. Perishable items at grocery stores will often require their preferential temperature settings, in order to maintain its full lifespan. IoT can help with this tremendously. Retailers

IoT ensures food safety procedures are accurately followed. A simple sensor is installed within a temperature-appropriate containers. This is then linked to employees’ offices to inform them of any sudden changes and send alerts when necessary. This real-time data can help save the lifetime of perishable goods and ensure fresh eats, and even happier tummies. 

Carts on the Run

Placing sensors on individual assets is a large feature as well. This means shopping carts, stackable baskets, store-provided reusable bags can be monitored by retailers. Retailers can locate their exact location, notifications will be sent, and potential damage can be predicted. Retailers, both large and small, will never lose sight of their carts and buggies again. 

Smart Shelves + Beacons

Smart shelves are getting smarter, for RFID and NFC chips are being conveniently installed to help monitor the weight of shelves, to see what is flying off the shelves, and what isn’t performing very well. Smart shelves can collect customer engagement data related to product promotions, educational displays, and employee training content.

Don’t you just hate when you’re favorite brand of pasta sauce is out of stock and the label doesn’t detect when a shipment will come in? Smart shelves can assist through such merchandising labels as well. Shoppers can even connect with retailers through their own loyalty apps to determine when certain products will be in-house. Shoppers can check the specific aisle and shelf where their desired product will be located on the app as well. Consumers can also take advantage of personalized ads, special offers, and coupons as well. 

Smart Shelves can stay up to date on perfecting inventory management, through the following features: 

  • Theft Protection and Prevention
  • Quality and Damage Control 
  • Automation Tactics
  • Simplified Processes

By delivering a more optimized and personalized experience to consumers, retailers can better track insights and provide a heightened sense of peace for retailers everywhere.retailers

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