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Building Safer Workspaces with RFID

by Samantha Kalany

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As many workspaces are beginning to welcome the idea of their employees coming back to their original office spaces, there is much to do to ensure that these individuals are continually safe and supported at all times. Keeping people safe ultimately comes down enforcing a list of procedures that can help to handle and monitor any outbreaks that may occur; this includes employee contact tracing and other digital tools that involve RFID to automate specific processes going forward. Many businesses have allowed their employees to work from home to help stop the spread of the virus at the beginning of the pandemic, but now with vaccinations being administered and case numbers declining, managers are getting creative in their transitionary efforts.

Prevent Outbreaks

Such virus mitigation solutions can look like: staggered shifts to reduce the number of people entering doorways; added time between shifts for enhanced sanitation of equipment and floors; a limited number of employees allowed in certain rooms; and even real-time feedback from actual employees, communicating the status of their department’s current operational capability. A frictionless and Touch-Less work environment can be the future of in-person workspaces using high-quality technology points such as access control, RFID, and so much more.

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In a Touch-less office, an employee can utilize an RFID tag to open the doors of basically any building that they’ve been hailed access to. Typically, this is done in through their identification card, worn on their persons at all times, to scan themselves into conference rooms or different buildings entirely. RFID technologies are likely to become more common in the workplaces, of all industries, especially post-pandemic. Everyone is more hyper-aware of the potential germs that can linger on high-touch spaces, especially during the regular flu-season or when the temperatures take a dip into freezing/humid levels.

There’s no doubt that basic hand hygiene and social distancing practices are essential to preventing outbreaks and keeping other regularly rotating illnesses away from the office environment. At this point in time, there are multiple different types of Touch-less access technology to use in various situations. All of this being considered, RFID tactics are able to address the safety issues and components at stake that are necessary for workplaces to fully reopen and keep employees’ best interests in mind through Touch-less solutions.

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Who would have thought that workplaces would ever have to wonder if their employees have washed hands or used hand sanitizer. As more and more employees end up returning to their physical workspaces, it’s likely that building operators and managers will adopt various technologies such as beacons, sensors, and other means of monitoring how many times employees are following health guidelines and safety procedures, such as washing your hands for the CDC recommended duration.  Companies could essentially have access to in-house contact tracing systems to ensure that all involved parties were being responsible and safe on the job.

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