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Machine Learning & its Influence on SMBs

by Samantha Kalany
Machine Learning

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Artificial is all anyone is talking about, and it’s only a brief moment before that same attention is shifted towards machine learning as well. The idea that computers will be able to learn without prior programming, is incredible. Machine Learning promises powerful computational processing, accessible storage, and increased data volumes. Deep Learning has transcended all of the test labs and hours of research into real-life applications. Combing automation and AI can allow companies to check out different aspects of their organizations. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) or Machine Learning is present in anything from data entry to even automating risk assessments. ML can evolve, as well, and learn simple and complex tasks and cases, such as how to master any scenario that is fit for human employees.  Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), can grow more adept to at automation procedures through time and practice. The business benefits far exceed the cost savings. ML can help free up human workers, so they can focus on service improvement and product development. Following that, there are several other benefits that come to play with SMBs adopting ML strategies.

Machine Learning & Sales Optimization

Sales teams are typically responsible for for generating several pages of unstructured data, which is essential in training ML. Companies that want to secure a competitive edge are currently applying machine learning to both sales and marketing strategies to fulfill goals, such as ad placement and strategic content.

The rapid evolution of personalized content must meet the ever-evolving expectations of customers, such as customer churn predictions and sales forecasting analyses. Thanks to the work of these solutions, employees can receive alerts in advance, when the need is there.

Machine Learning & Customer Service

Customer service is climbing to a new rung of the ladder. Virtual assistants such as chatbots are making themselves useful across websites and other customer service platforms. The amount of data being captured and analyzed is flowing in at an overwhelming rate just for humans to handle. These virtual chat agents can recognize customer queries as they come in and suggest suitable responses and articles in return. They also improve business considerably in comparison to others, which can save excessive amount of money in the long run.

The Security of it All

Machine Learning gives Enterprises the opportunity to enhance their threat/security analysis to respond to attacks accordingly. Predictive Analysis can detect threats and intrusions when anomalies go unnoticed. This is ideal for improving the monitoring capabilities of IoT and its varying applications. Security teams are able to detect the smallest of errors, way easier than before. The threat-aware mindset enables employees to better lead their company and navigate into the regulatory needs.

Machine Learning Tools Take the Cake

As technology advances and moves forward, more small businesses will be adopting tools and helping to push research and initiatives onward. ML tools are affordable and accessible, now more than ever. ML can provide gains in efficiency internally through better data security, improved ad targeting and higher-quality customer care. Deep learning is also associated with ML and AI applications and can help make tools more sophisticated for users. As users work to learn from the successes and failures of the concept, making that technology more accurate in the future. That means better efficiency, better predictive analysis, and higher optimization of processes. Adopting machine learning within the small to medium business realm is a smart move, especially because companies of any size can gain immediate momentum in no time. AI properties such as NLP, ML and DL will help to build a solid foundation in driving better business across all industries.