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Network Security – Summing it Up

by Samantha Kalany
Network Security

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Network Security is large at hand. Networking capabilities have evolved along with their accompanying security measures Though it comes from a very basic standpoint, such as simple passwords, we’ve found ourselves in a space of promoting specialized firewalls, 20+ digit passwords, and multi-factor authentication. Network SecurityDifferent times call for different measures, especially in the current times. Firewalls are great for protecting the edge, but the old way of protecting your space is long gone.

Network Security: Securing the Edge…Not Enough

Security must be the focus inside and out of one’s organization. Malware and other vicious attacks can be directly sourced from the internet, a remote employee’s USB drive, or an insecure wireless network. You can’t get complacent. Security needs to be a proactive thought, at all times, especially with every activity that admins and engineerings are constructing.

Though it seems basic, we need to constantly evaluate environments to make sure they are not getting complacent with configurations. Threats and attacks emerge in severity everyday. Detecting complacency is a sign of getting comfortable in the system. That’s when an attack is most likely to happen, because that sense of protective urgency slows down.

Take steps towards better security: Password-related breaches happen all the time and more than you’d think. This has nothing to do with individual user password information. It likely occurs when enterprises forget to change default passwords after bringing in a new wave of employees or devices. Network Security Mangers must constantly be aware and ready to take appropriate steps to mitigate new risks. 

Take IoT devices secure: You should be mindful of your devices and the current cybersecurity practices that provide coverage. If a new policy is required for the devices employed, be sure to do your research to realize what is required of one another. 

Communicate with technology partners: Your partners are likely to have firmware tools and hardening guides to assist with any firmware updates they may have to better perfect your security structuring. 


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