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Voice Integration & Distribution Centers

by Samantha Kalany

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The Distribution Center is the heart of any business. Spreading across the globe, they continue to grow in size. It is so important that inventory numbers are up to date and that correct items are being shipped out. A majority of customers are switching to online shopping as their preferred method of consumption. Warehouses are beginning to make joint efforts towards their shipping and processing capabilities to appease customers who want to purchase their item and receive it almost immediately at their doorstep. Coming to the rescue, Voice Integration hardware and software tools are placing distribution center workers at ease in the following categories. Modern Warehouse

1. Greater Productivity

Voice picking can be achieved by speaking into Bluetooth headsets that connect to all of the other workers on the floor. Through doing this distribution center workers are able to update each other on where they are for tasks or receiving direct messages from their managers to be guided down the most efficient workflow. Headsets are hands-free which allow for a greater ease amongst workers. Workers are also able to monitor progress in real-time by notifying managers about potential project setbacks and highlights surfaces as they go. Due to all of these findings, DC workers have reported a significant plunge in training times, just based off of voice picking devices and their role in the warehouse.

2. Increased Accuracy

When it comes to consumerism, many individuals actually prefer to shop online. Those same consumers shop online for the convenience and speed that it brings, but also expect their purchase to be delivered with precision and the next day. This being said, mistakes can happen. Sending customers the wrong item or quantity can produce a negative customer experience and every now and then it’ll occur. Voice-integrated devices notify workers if they select the wrong item. Voice integrated solutions can aid in reducing the need for quality control checks on the floor. These hardware/software solutions can also save the company more time and money, all without compromising customer satisfaction.

3. Improved Worker WellnessVoice Picking

The constant blur, hum, and beeping of a daily shift can be quite damaging for DC workers who hear these noises all day. Voice-Integrated headsets help these floor workers with focusing on tasks at hand and staying on track throughout the shift. Every person and product is being tracked and accounted for, making it simpler for DC workers to function. These individuals can be informed when a forklift is turning the corner or when doors are being opened. Though it may seem like a lot of voices in their ears, there is specified direction for each worker once routines are established.

While some installments are still in the development stage, this technology and the principles placed behind them offer workers with the confidence to perform in the workplace and some peace of mind.

Voice integrated warehouse

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