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Software Development Landscape: Looking Back on 2018

by Samantha Kalany
Software developers

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Working as a software developer in this day and age, ranks as being the most popular job position. With the surge of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), blockchain, Augmented Reality (A.R.), Virtual Reality (V.R.) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have widened the gap. The following four trends have contributed to that broadened feat and can be analyzed for further growth as 2019 progresses.

1. Telecommuters, telecommuters & more telecommuters

A significant increase in employees who telecommute their daily work grind has taken over. Employees working from home on laptops and mobile devices and not in a physical office space is more common than you would think. Through applications like Slack, employees are able to stay connected and continue doing work on an efficient time frame. Due to the competitive nature of the market, companies have become more flexible in offering these options for their employees. Software

2. Design Thinking, Lean & Agile Software

In the previous year, developers have begun to craft out more creative software services. From embracing new trends such as Design Thinking, Lean and Agile approaches, they’ve been able to boost customer engagement and acquire the necessary feedback.

Design Thinking and Lean software approaches are both very customer-focused are seen to be very iterative in nature. The main difference in lean product development is that it focuses on building business models and not just products. Design Thinking helps to gain insights into customer needs, desires and behaviors. On the split side of things, agile solutions help to efficiently develop and deliver solutions in an efficient way.

3. Make Way for Blockchain

Enterprises are now implementing blockchain capabilities, not just exploring it. 2018 saw a huge surge demand for blockchain developers. Blockchain development has shown to serve as a more secure way to store banking records and a faster, cheaper way of transferring money through decentralization. Means of Blockchain development have been disrupting almost every industry. Knowing all of this, there is minimal risk of a run on a blockchain system or it will collapse. There is no central vault. Blockchain can simplify processes and eliminate escrow altogether. Software blockchain

4. Continuous Delivery, not Competitive Advantage

As soon as code is written, it is tested, built and configured via automation. Despite deployment speeds, continuous delivery gets new releases into the hands of customers as quickly as possible.

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