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Adding Digital Signage Adds Revenue

by James Korte

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Co-contributor: Jim Schaffer

The next pitch you make to a merchant, take a moment to consider whether their business space could benefit from adding digital signage. When you prepare your sales pitch for their other solutions, like POS, add in time for additional attention to pitching digital signage as an extra service.

As you walk inside their business before the meeting, pause when you enter and glance around. Keep a weather eye out for spaces that are empty, dark or less visually appealing. Then, once you’ve grasped your surroundings accordingly and sit down with the client, consider how to best approach pitching both your initial solution and auxiliary digital signage services.

First, determine where digital signage monitors will best capture the eye of a customer as they walk in the door. If you can identify regions of the facility that will be greatly improved by the incorporation of digital signage, you’ll have a leg up. Additionally, consider the kind of digital signage they’d benefit best from, as well as how it should be integrated, and how you’d present these opportunities to the client during your meeting. Have a sales sheet on hand that shows off different screen sizes and what they can be used for, such as menu boards, mapping, advertising, directional signage, social media incorporation and other options.

Creative options for digital signage are particularly appealing to customers, so be sure to alert your client to the benefits of a brand that is tech savvy. Implementing a self-serve kiosk in retail locations, or advertisements for promotions in a restaurant can be a great boon to many businesses, as it provides a service and an experience for shoppers and guests. When you’re pitching, be sure to have a discount plan available in case the customer would like to buy multiple digital signage screens – and be sure that you have a line card in order to show off the different manufacturers from which the client can order.

Though digital signage can be a great visual and interactive element to incorporate into any company, don’t forget to highlight the practical uses your client can benefit from as well. Explain how any data can be input from the client’s server to make changes to messages seamless and stress-free. Restaurants can benefit from creating visual wait lists to alert guests as to when their table will be ready, while hotels and event spaces have the opportunity to make use of social media feeds and video broadcasts during events or high-traffic seasons. And while you’re upselling them on digital signage, remind them that they can utilize this feature to upsell their customers by featuring exclusive items, additional accessories and extra services; explain that digital signage can help them snag impulse buyers at the register, or advertise additional accessories near high-cost items.

Digital signage is a simple, cost-effective way to dress up bland spaces or to add interactive capabilities with customers – but business owners don’t always realize the benefits and ROI these solutions offer. Next time you sit down with a client to pitch a new POS system or other solution, be ready to offer up your expertise on how digital signage can increase their revenue and liven up their space.

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