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Utilizing Digital Signage Effectivity for the Workplace

by Samantha Kalany
Digital Signage

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Let’s face it. Digital Signage is all around us. We see it so much, that’s rate that we we even notice just how much it’s affecting our day-to-day, just because of how mundane it’s become. But what makes a good digital signage system? How about an excellent storyteller? 

What is Good Digital Signage?

Good Digital Signage allows for multiple simultaneous multi-media graphics and illustrations to play within a frame. Just go ahead and picture watching a hot news story right off the presses on your nightly news segment. You’ve got the weather forecast being broadcasted at the bottom of the screen on a thin moving ribbon, and oh wait, there’s a rotating sidebar of additional news stories on the right, and perhaps even you’re reading through the flipping stock market numbers off to the left.Digital Signage

Moral of the story, there’s a lot of information being thrown at you, all at once. An important piece of information to remember is how these stories are presented to you. Digital Signage boards are compiled similarly on college campuses to notify students or class and campus closures, and especially within corporate workplaces to provide a sense of interactive engagement. 

Interactive Workplaces 

Quite simply how it reads, Interactive Digital Signage is meant to activate engagement amongst those who come into contact. The color quality is typically brighter and the wireless connectivity is more advanced. Examples of such can be used and found in nearly every vertical market. 

The most common way to engage with these interactive devices is through touch. Quite simply speaking, just look at your touch screen phones and mobile devices that you carry around with you everyday. Audiences are able to browse through information, navigate their way through a crowded hallway to find their meeting room, and even make purchases. 

Making Gestures & Motions

This interactivity features supplies more style and a bit less protection when it comes to “having a conversation” with a digital signage board. People can walk up, move their hands, and take away from that interaction, while you’re trying to participate in a scenario. These movements can work with the internal software to register the types of hand movement and the speed to present you with a reaction in the form of an answer to your question or a shared website. Digital Signage

RFID/NFC Strategies

Here your employees can achieve the same things with only minor differences. Through the usage of passive chips, the device interacts on a frequency that is emitted by a powered device, like a smartphone to trigger a reaction. This is more common thanks to contactless payment apps promoted by major cell phone companies. This can be conducted through NFC-enabled kiosks that work to assist visitors in downloading vital information.

QR Codes

QR Codes can be found on large boards inside and outside the corporate office. This grants users with the ability to scan a pixelated square barcode to receive information such as direction to the nearest coffee shop, information on how to set up your voicemail message, and even share helpful websites and apps with you.Digital Signage

No matter what type of employer you’re working for, digital signage boards can have a positive impact at all levels. DS boards are capable of promoting effective communication throughout the department and throughout the workplace. You can encourage your customers to take on similar practices to help enhance workplace experiences, to build better connections for all of those involved.

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