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Kiosks: Thinking Inside and Outside of the Box

by Felicia Jordan

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When looking for technology solutions, it is important for VARs to work with the customer to uncover pain points of which they might not even be aware. The VAR needs to ask the customer the correct questions to determine their needs, and where it may be possible to solve problems they didn’t know they had.

When it comes to self-service solutions, the first question to ask should be whether the customer knows and understands the benefits of enhancing their customer experience through self-service kiosks. This question may seem to be simple but it is still just the start of the discussion. As the VAR you need to understand the end user’s current experience so that you can uncover pain points that the customer does not know can be eliminated by self-service kiosks. It is the job of the VAR to be the advisor and uncover ways you can improve the customer’s business.

Once you have the customer interested in knowing more on how a self-service kiosk can help their business, the next step is to keep it simple and not over-complicate things. Don’t focus too hard on trying to upsell and add all of the latest and greatest technology. Stay focused on the pain points that you uncovered and solve those first. If that means the kiosks stays simple with a touch screen, printer and basic features, then so be it. The great thing about the correctly built self-service kiosks is that your customer can always add components down the road if they are needed.

There are many examples of kiosks being utilized in our daily lives to enhance and speed up our experiences in making purchases. Consider grocery stores with self-service checkout lines, airports with self-service check-in kiosks, movie theaters allowing you to purchase your ticket, and then providing seat-side food and drink ordering through a tablet fixture. Kiosks are becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives, so as a VAR don’t hesitate to ask the questions and be the expert on how self-service kiosks can help eliminate pain and enhance the overall end-user experience.

Co-contributor: Casey Seibert

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