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What’s Next for Experiential Retail?

by Samantha Kalany

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Traditionally speaking, we can’t live without our physical Brick and Mortar retail stores; it’s just not possible. The typical cashier scanning items, while customers wait in lines is old news and everyone knows that for sure. Many of the largest US/Global brands are setting integrative experiences for their customers to be immersed into. From live demonstrations to colorful art depictions flurried throughout the brick and mortar store, there is much to do about Experiential Retail. In this case in particular, digital signage is making a huge impact when it comes to involving and engaging the not-so-average consumer.

Testing a way to bring the experience beyond the confines of four walls by allowing store managers to take business to corporate or commercial locations, for example. 94% of all retailers deploy interactive digital signs in some capacity. This speaks both to the capacity of which one can and could hone in this technology offering. It also looks at how some master the challenge of gaining audience, when so often, digital signage content can look all familiar.

Experiential RetailRetailers should push towards harnessing interactive digital screens to create a realm where customers can participate in personalized shopping experiences and individualized product consultations, to open up more of the store’s bigger and more comprehensive catalogue. When pairing this experience with AR/VR capabilities to expand the reach of the store’s creative possibilities, the creative team is able to jump higher.

As retailers jump on this trend, they will need to multiply on a deciding factor to differentiate themselves from others. When equipped with compelling, engaging content, this technology provides a new way for retailers to provide a personalized experience that engages shoppers when they enter the store.

A Better Connection for Everyone

experiential retailDigital Signage is one-to-many solution just like kiosks in a way. Digital signage stands are able to deliver widespread messages and kiosks can better connect with one user at a time, for a more individualized experience. When the two are combined, customers will feel and live the experience of your brand, products, and even services offered within your physical store-space. Retailers would also be able to capture insightful analytics from these digital setups, based on who took the time to interact with the ask, at the time.

Mobile Associates Assisting In-Store

Even now, in uncertain times, store associates have the potential to be more than salespeople, checking on additional sizes in the back. They can be personal guides for every consumers personal shopping journey. Equipping employees with the precise digital devices and the knowledge to assist any standing interactive digital signage stands, is essential in upgrading their position capabilities.

The future of retail is booming, especially in the light of interactive digital devise and communications put to work and play.

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