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ISV Spotlight: Jolly Technologies

by James Korte

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Jolly Technologies, established in 2000, strives to achieve success through high quality, innovative products and services. With a customer base of more than 20,000 in more than 120 countries worldwide, Jolly works to produce the best in ID badging, asset tracking, and visitor management solutions. They provide services for a multitude of verticals, including government, education, manufacturing, and technology companies. With innovation always in mind, solutions created by Jolly Technologies are developed with different perspectives and customer requirements explored. From a small business with limited resources, to a large enterprise with multiple sites and complex requirements, each element is designed to work efficiently and reliably to excel regardless of the environment.



Jolly Technologies provides multiple software solutions for varying needs within the channel. For those searching for an ID badge software, Jolly’s ID Flow software provides the ability to design and print badges, while recording cardholder records in any database. This software is capable of providing diverse security options as well, such as biometrics, smart card encoding, and control entry systems.

Lobby Track is a software program provided by Jolly that allows for more comprehensive visitor management and security for all industries. Lobby Track is able to print visitor badges quickly and efficiently, schedule visits in advance and electronically capture sign-in information. Alongside this, the software can check visitors against local and online watch lists, enable and disable card access and, notify hosts via email, text or phone when a visitor arrives.

Asset Track software allows users to easily track all assets within their facilities. Simply by scanning the manufacturers barcodes, or printing barcode labels directly from the software, users can track the location and condition of assets. The software also provides the ability to link assets to a borrower and track movement of the asset within a facility, track depreciating values of fixed and IT assets, and manage asset maintenance records.

Jolly’s software solutions can be utilized with different Zebra hardware solutions for maximum efficacy. For plastic badge printing, the Zebra ZXP series is recommended. For temporary badges and asset labels, the software works well with Zebra direct thermal and thermal transfer printers.


Become a Reseller

Jolly Technologies provides a wide variety of customizable software options to aid in card printing and asset tracking for any industry. For information on partnering with Jolly, call 888.255.6559, or email sales@jollytech.com.


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