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Meet the Networking Team: John Haberer

by James Korte

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John has spent over 20 years working for a top networking partner that sold Cisco Meraki and HP Aruba. In that role, he helped both small customers and large enterprises design everything from large campus networks to small single locations, as well as agile data center networks with servers, storage, virtualization and cloud. John holds industry recognized certifications such as: Certified Wireless Network Administrator, Certified Network Expert from Cradlepoint, and Network Design Engineer from Extreme Networks.

Partners can leverage John’s vast experience with both wired and wireless secure networking by calling him at (859) 371-4423 or emailing the group.

Some of the projects that we are helping BlueStar partners with include:

  1. Wireless site surveys to ensure complete WiFi coverage in facilities like warehouses–both indoor and outdoor. The results of the survey include: access point part numbers, quantity, and locations, supporting infrastructure requirements such as security, switches, cabling, and antennas, and labor estimates for mounting and running wire to the equipment. Finally, the survey includes technical services to configure the equipment and perform the post implementation coverage tests.
  2. Cellular Failover appliances and connectivity for retailers so that they can continue to process credit card payments from customers in the event of a primary network connection failure.
  3. OS Migration consultation and recommendations for warehouse refresh/expansion projects, including upgrading handhelds mobile computers from Windows Mobile to next-generation Android.

The bottom line is that BlueStar can act as an extension of your networking sales and engineering team to help generate new business and close deals. We often visit partners throughout the US and Canada to perform training and relationship building.

Our current product and service offering includes:

  • Network security, Firewalls, Multi-factor authentication, and Secure Cloud WiFi from Watchguard
  • Mobile Networks, Branch networks, and IoT networks from Cradlepoint
  • Edge, Core, and Campus network switching
  • Value-added software such as location tracking and customer analytics
  • Breach insurance to reduce risk related to a cyberattack, and reduce loss with a swift response

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