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Where Mobile Access Solutions Can Lead

by Samantha Kalany
Mobile Access

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Understanding how mobile access solutions can benefit users, especially in the uncertain times that we are all living through, can mean a world of difference. Overall, the pandemic has modified the way users view objects, that they very commonly come into contact with, due to germs and unsafe surfaces and spaces, but through understanding there is a way to cut back on touching items and surfaces, users can settle in with a better peace of mind. Mobile Access Solutions are touch-less, secure, end-to-end mobile credential applications that work to utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as their preferred communication to integrate with enhancers such as RFID locks and other digital identifiers.

As prefaced above, touch-less access solutions are crucial for high-touchpoint areas, think door handles, elevator buttons, etc., Healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, offices, and even public restrooms all have entry points that are frequently crossed through during a period of time throughout the course of the day that can see a lot of visitors. Mobile AccessTo cut down on the risk of spreading germs and ultimately the COVID-19 pandemic, many building managers are switching things up to be a little less touch-oriented. Contactless, barrier-free access options for entry points offer a more user and pandemic-friendly outlet for users partaking in such services.

For decades businesses and corporations have been allowing their employees access to their myriad of buildings with ID Access Cards. A quick scan over the RFID reader will allow entry into an office space, providing for very little to zero touch interaction with a door handle. Many industries have also seen the usage of biometrics such as iris scanners, facial recognition, and various other identifiers that work to grant access at any desired point.

The future of mobile access control and the solutions that ultimately follow can lead users to greatness and beyond. Upon diving into the world of mobile access control, various other factors can be introduced into the equation, including geofencing and several location services that can help to send notifications to specific areas and even users to get the best effects. Going forward, in the instance that a catastrophic incident was to occur, all of the involved employees/participants could stay up-to-date on that status of the event, especially in locations where they are closely impacted, through notifications tracking the status of persons. Mobile Access

Mobile access solutions can be applied to a slew of applications, including security management, allowing administrators to chance access settings and manage systems from a remote location, if necessary. As we journey forward, it’s likely that these trends will continue to surge in the right direction, as building owners strive to keep their attendees safe from external factors such as security breaches and even the pandemic.

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