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Support and Develop Your Government Sales

by Felicia Jordan

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Distributors have become an integral part of the sales cycle for many partners in the channel. Because they are deeper in the trenches of the day to day operations of many different verticals, they offer unique support opportunities and expertise. It’s important, as either a vendor or a VAR, to consider the benefits of partnering more extensively with a distributor; examine their programs, full offerings and value-adds to see if there are chances to grow your business through your relationship with your distributor.

For government sales specifically, distributors like BlueStar have become a core component for ISVs’ and hardware manufacturers’ ability to obtain contracts. BlueStar can provide unique access to key contracts can connect these agencies with hardware and software manufacturers and open doors that may have otherwise been difficult to find. BlueStar also possesses a wider access to a seasoned sales team and marketing specialists who can help VARs with their go-to-market strategies in regards to government work.

BlueStar strives to consistently train teams on the latest hardware and software options provided by suppliers, and can aid in both overall sales in government and in obtaining more long-term contractual work. We provide opportunities for partners from lead generation to marketing services to custom configuration options. There are many programs in place to help manufacturing partners get ahead in the government sector. Contract consulting and other educational services about working with government clients can be exceptionally helpful for businesses that are not well versed in this sector, or lack expertise. BlueStar also provides a wide variety of lead generation services, GSA schedule and teaming programs, grant writing and more. Click here for more information.

Partnering with BlueStar for support in the government sector can provide many opportunities. Consulting services can be key – we assist partners in attaining specific government contracts or provide market data or training to customers and highlighting just a few of these services can be beneficial.

Co-contributor: Peggy Welch

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