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ISV Spotlight: BIGWISE

by Felicia Jordan

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BIGWISE, established in 1992, strives to achieve success through high quality, innovative products and services. With more than 6,500 customers served, BIGWISE works to provide applications that aid restaurants and retail companies. Through their software solutions, the company provides customer-friendly and robust platforms for organizations with large volumes of data, in need of quick and complete transactions, and full security from end to end.



More than a POS, Stellar POS is a complete end-to-end business solution. The software provides advanced POS software that’s ideal for both small businesses and larger, multi-location companies. This software is intended for companies such as groceries, supermarkets, department stores and more. With its flexible and configurable interface and high security features, it can be adapted to any location and will stand up in any circumstance – even offline.

Stellar FOOD is a strong software system for restaurants and other foodservice businesses. From company cafeterias to small, local ice cream parlors to large franchises, this software is scalable to the size and preferences of each company. Complete with kitchen display system integration, table services and menu integration, this software will help to keep tables in order and ensure better customer service for diners.

Stellar BIZ provides POS services to small retail facilities. It’s designed to keep track of sales, manage inventory and strengthen relationships with customers. Perfect for any small boutique, apparel shop, jewelry store or more, it provides employees with the tools they need to manage client histories, schedule appointments, create invoices and customize the software to fit the needs of each employee independently.


Become a Reseller

BIGWISE provides great POS and data collection software options for companies looking to streamline their businesses and improve customer satisfaction. For information on partnering with BIGWISE, contact Jose Rivas Acevedo at jrivasa@bigwise.com, or call at 1.305.771.6004. You can also contact Adriana Rivas at amrivas@bigwise.com.

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