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BOPIS is the Consumer’s Dream Come True

by Samantha Kalany

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BOPISBOPIS or Buy Online Pick-up In Store is such an innovational trend within the retail industry that is gaining popularity swiftly and quickly. Many large retailers, and even some smaller businesses have adopted BOPIS tactics within their online/storefront bases. When it comes to the bustling holiday season, which we currently find ourselves in, this new shopping concept is being spotted everywhere, simplifying the customer experience as a whole. 

From the consumer standpoint, shoppers are eager to skip the long lines and and browse through online sites and apps from the comfort of their homes. Once the product is in store, they can hop in their heated vehicle and park out in front of the shop, to pick up their order, at the convenience of their own time. Kroger, Target, Old Navy, and Home Depot have all implemented drive-up programs, where shoppers don’t even have to leave the safety of their car. Of course there are several more retailers who have implemented their own take on this feature. 

A Consumer-First Mindset

Creating a more frictionless consumer experience is key. In light of some of the last-mile logistical fees that have been put into place, this can add on additional costs and be somewhat of an annoyance for shoppers. BOPIS can minimize those last-mile shipping costs. BOPIS is simply an additional feature that can viewed from the transactional piece of an online shopping experience. 93% of consumers have said that they will look for the opportunity to pick up purchases in stores during the holiday season in order to save a little money. 

  • This trend can be exhibited when an item is actually in stock at the store and the consumer wants to pick up the order at their own convenience. 
  • BOPIS also can occur when an item is not actually in stock at the local store. A customer can, however, choose to order the product anyhow and pick it up when the inventory is replenished. Though they may have to wait a few days, this can still be completed. 
Pushing Forward with BOPIS Tactics

Brick and Mortar retailers have been steadily making their online “storefront”, a key benefactor for harboring the perfect pickup environment. When advising your consumers on how to implement a BOPIS environment into their retail front, be sure to promote the usage of a loyalty or rewards program to incentivize picking purchases up in-store or curbside. 

Why Retailers Should Care 

Consumers will more than likely feel empowered by the brand they are supporting and become regular and returned customers in the future. The concept of personalization can also be embodied into the “Buy Online, Pick Up In Store” trend, for its significant advantage of retaining and recognizing customers for their desired needs. BOPIS

Personalization engines can coordinate with real-time inventory updates and pricing data sources at the store level, to offer consumers with the most accurate product availability, which essentially summarizes BOPIS.

An accurate inventory will help them to avoid bad run-ins with terrible customer service experiences. This could help in supplying a whole new take on branding their services and offerings moving forward. These next-generation retail trends could be make or break for a retailer, but you as the reseller could advise your clients on some essential tips for creating the perfect BOPIS program.

So, if you are a POS reseller looking to strengthen your small to medium sized consumer base, it’d be wise to consider the following tidbits: 

  • Research asset management and logistics ISVs who can work to integrate with POS systems and enable BOPIS strategies accordingly.
  • Consider learning more about pick-up lockers and see how you can fold them into your offerings. 
  • Become knowledgeable about the vast e-commerce solutions that can facilitate BOPIS such as Shopify and VEND

If you should so have any questions, feel free to reach out to your BlueStar rep today! 


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