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Blockchain: Convincing the VARs [Part 2 of 3] Series

by Samantha Kalany

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Now that you’ve learned the who, what, when, where, why and how Blockchain has worked its way into technology, why does it even matter? More specifically, why does it matter to ISVs? Where do VARs fit in? 

Yes, we all know that Blockchain isn’t anything new to emerge on the scene, but perhaps not every end-user is utilizing it when they absolutely could be. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to convince VARs to get on board with the blockchain, its uses and why it’s so important to push towards end users.

Not only is Blockchain a huge industry buzz and an incredible leap for investment dollars, but it’s a trend you won’t want to ignore. Your customers will need you to integrate it into their business plan. Blockchain is an open source for building and it’s easier and more accessible than ever before. Blockchain is how we communicate, shop, vote and run our businesses; everything is impacted. It is constantly evolving, so it’s ideal to integrate it now.

Educate VARs on Blockchain Advantages

You’ll be working with VARs hands on, to get the job done. You’ll want to make sure they are the same page and have access to the same materials you do. Studies show that a majority of end-users aren’t working with a blockchain developer and don’t know where to start in regards to implementing the technology. Do what you can to educate resellers and channel partners on the who, what, when, where and why of Blockchain.

  • Brush up on all the ways Blockchain can benefit a solution, before educating your reseller
  • Ask yourself: “Do I have a solution which has transactions?”
    • Be sure to educate the reseller on the benefits of linking blockchain to security solutions
  • Ask yourself: Do I have a solution in an industry such as food & beverage or healthcare, where traceability is key?
  • Ask yourself: Do I have a solution that seeks to replace a paper heavy process?
    • Educate the reseller on the efficiency and speed that accommodates Blockchain

The Lasting Impact

VARsIt’s found a deep impact in almost every industry, from banking and beyond. Though 2018 showed some pushback for blockchain services, this new year holds these odds in high hopes. BaaS should be accessed easily and in a user-friendly manner. From coding to modules to templates, this service can work wonders and has so many benefits. Other advantages of Blockchain as a service include:

  • It eliminates the need for experience to build a blockchain from the ground up – takes out a lot of the heavy lifting
  • Individuals can utilize it on a subscription basis – a lower upfront investment is involved.
  • Can assist with deployment – maintaining and scaling the solution
  • Individuals can leverage the provider’s security solutions

There are many variables for getting involved with Blockchain and for VARs, especially, the most promising feature is ROI. Blockchain is a disruption unlike any other, that’s seen to have a widened positive implications on those utilizing the technology. For those VARs or ISVs on the fence about Blockchain, see some of the more optimistic cases that have stood the test of time. Just know that one’s success with blockchain depends on your partnership and knowledge of the technology, so invest wisely!


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