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Smarter Payments Progressing into Unattended Retail

by Samantha Kalany

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SmarterIn the rise of smart technology, the ability to control the way consumers shop can build loyalty and accelerate the adoption of contactless payments and the accommodating technology. This is likely fueled by big data and the potential for contactless payments.  Smarter shelves, kiosks, and checkout counters, oh my!

Unattended retail has the power to let customers embrace payment points and Smartervarying payment options. Tokenization and EMV chip cards have allowed for safer transactions, enhancing the capability for real tangible benefits for consumers and retailers alike.

What is Tokenization?

Tokenization enables customers to generate payments across multiple delivery channels, from the same merchant whether it’s in-store, online, or across a range of devices. It provides intensified security to eliminate the potential for operator errors and can cut down on external threat taking place both in store and online. Tokenization is widely used and everywhere we look. 

Retail’s Smarter Footprint

Unassisted commerce means in-store formatting is inclined to change as well. This shift points the way towards new customizable store layouts, as desired by store owners and shop managers. As retail progresses forward, top of line businesses will reevaluate their business planning aspects and push for deploying more consumer friendly, forward-thinking tactics. It won’t be very long until consumers are void of cash in their pockets and wallets, for that “ages-old” movement is on its way out the door. 

Unattended Retail’s Steps Forward

Unattended retail markets will ultimately change lots of other working realms as well. Large manufacturing plants and retail warehouses will place hundreds of human employees in picking/packing, vending, and cash-counting (low-skill manual processes). Automating those jobs will cut back on these unskilled manual tasks, but will provide the perfect positions for those technologically savvy individuals.

Workplaces are seeing a surge in the need and want for business analysis. Managers are hiring candidates who can deploy data capture skills and the capability to collect and collate that information towards actionable moves, for the betterment of the company at hand. SmarterUnattended retail is getting smarter and it will progress forward. It’s no longer just about the transaction, but moreover the valuable data that flows along with it, to help business complete their jobs.

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