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Flattening the Curve with Telehealth Services

by Samantha Kalany

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It’s probably safe to say that for many, this is their first time living through a Global Pandemic, so it’s not like we were really prepared on what to do. With COVID-19’s incubation period lasting up to 14 days, before symptoms kick in and how easily it spreads from person to person, this is no disease like we’ve ever seen before. TelehealthOn top of that, people aren’t staying in the confines of their home has instructed, so perhaps infected individuals are coming into contact with each other on an hourly basis. If one were to feel the (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) symptoms, their first instinct is to run to their primary care physician to get tested, but perhaps what’s best for themselves and everyone else, is to skip the doc’s office and keep it complete online, or through Telehealth services.

Skip the Risk

Those people who are 60 years or older are at the highest mortality rate, but young folks are still susceptible to contracting the disease. TelehealthThe younger generations could actually be carriers for the disease, without really even knowing it or having any symptoms. Every doctor’s office visit, pharmacy queue line, or crowded grocery store can heighten the chances of individuals catching and spreading COVID-19. Social Distancing and even (in this instance) Medical Distancing can be achieved through Telehealth.

Telehealth Here, Telehealth There

For those patients who are experiencing minor symptoms like coughs and aches, they’d be advised to stay home from work and activities to prevent the spread to more vulnerable persons. Telehealth uses video chats and calls to allow medical staff to obtain further information on the nature of the patient’s symptoms, to determine if further care and a test would be necessary.

For patients who’ve already tested positive for COVID-19 and our self-quarantining at home, nurses and doctors can use Telehealth to deliver test results, symptom changes, and moderate relief treatments via video conferencing platforms.

Many US practices and insurance companies have already started to introduce Telehealth, Tele-Monitoring, and Telemedicine into their pandemic plans, thus far, so that option is available for many.

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