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Tackling Internet Security Threats

by Samantha Kalany

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ThreatsNetwork security is a big topic on everyone’s mind. Protecting a network with secure applications is even more important. Engineers and enterprises have found that as time goes on, threats attacks gain a larger variety and more ground on who and where they attack. Specifically speaking, phishing has come a long way and is continuing to multiply the magnitude of its damage.

Phishing, for those who aren’t aware, is quite simply stated as the fraudulent practice of sending emails, where the sender pretends to be a reputable company or familiar contact. ThreatsThey do this in order induce individuals to release personal information such as passwords and important financial data, like credit card numbers. Phishing attacks have transformed well beyond credential stealing, involving sophisticated manipulation that makes you overthink every email you’ve ever opened, read, and sent.

From ads, pop-ups, blinking social media messages, rogue browser extensions, web-based “freeware”, and chat applications all contribute to the threat landscape.It’s been seen that more than 50,000 phishing sites are seen to go live on a daily basis and they can be active for up to 8 hours at a time. All it takes is one uneducated click.

WatchGuard gets it. Protecting you in the cyber-criminalist “cat chases the mouse” game that we all get stuck in, is a forte. The WatchGuard Threat Lab calculates and analyzes the real-world threats that attackers use on a daily basis, and provides you with the know-how on how to get around them.

Their Q4 report for 2018 followed several trending threats and attacks to analyze their growth and/or decline patterns throughout the end of last year. From phishing statistics to monitoring unique and unusual attacks, WatchGuard gathered the necessary pieces to keep you informed and in the know.To read the full pdf, you can find it here for further educational purpose. 



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