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Why Smart VARs Are Taking Advantage of the 2D Scanner Opportunity

by Felicia Jordan

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The shift from laser barcode scanners to 2D imagers has been underway for several years, but has now reached a tipping point. It’s time for integrators and value-added resellers (VARs) to take advantage of this opportunity to future-proof their businesses. Even for applications where the use of QR codes or 2D barcodes is not widespread, other factors are driving the transition to 2D imagers (ease of use, reliability, multi-code reading, etc.), and investing in new technology can help ensure the continued success of your business.

What is 2D Imaging Technology?

Unlike laser barcode scanners, 2D imagers can scan and decode both linear (1D) barcodes, like the UPC, as well as 2D or matrix barcodes, such as the QR code. 2D imagers use camera technology to read barcodes as well as to capture signatures and other images from both print and electronic sources.

2D barcodes encode data in both the vertical and horizontal elements of the barcode pattern, which enables them to be smaller and yet hold much more data than 1D barcodes. In addition to alphanumeric information, these 2D barcodes can also contain images, website addresses, voice, and other types of binary data.


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