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13 Ideas for Marketing With a Limited Budget

by Felicia Jordan

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Marketing is Awesome! How Do I Pay for It?

You could fill your office wall with inspirational quotes about how important marketing is – but no one needs to sell you on the idea that marketing matters. You know it works, you know you need it, and you’d like to have more of it. Too bad your marketing budget isn’t what it should be.

13 is Your Lucky Number

If you’re responsible for bringing new business to your company, you’ve had to make a series of tough decisions about where to spend your money. Fortunately, even small companies with modest budgets can enhance their marketing with proven, low-cost tactics. Today, we’ll talk about a baker’s dozen of things you can do to make your marketing better. None of them are expensive, and some of them are free. Choose the ones that fit your portfolio of goods and services, test them in the field, and refine your approach. Before long, you’ll have built a strategic marketing plan that’s as effective as it is affordable. Here’s our Lucky 13:


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